[Episode – 003]

Podcasters: Brian, Dave, Jp, Justin, Vito

  • Partying with Jesus
  • Zombear
  • Justin’s Halloween Contest
  • Brian’s Hollywood Adventure
  • Dave’s Palm Springs Pride Weekend
  • Post Election Reflections
  • Prop 8 = Prop hate
  • Corey is awesome
  • Cockrings!
  • Balls – sensitive or punching bag?
  • Tugs!
  • Goodbyes

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One thought on “[Episode – 003]”

  1. Halloween 2008..??.. Let me see…
    I think I was dressed as an MMA fighter; shorts, gloves and all…

    Yea! Obama!!
    Boo! Yes on H8!!
    “When do I get to vote on your marriage??” ~ Bumper sticker
    I’m with Justin on this; I find/found it really hard to enjoy Obama’s election when ‘our’ rights have been stripped away.
    “Jesus saves – Gretski scores” ~ Propaghandi

    I too have never been confronted for being gay; but I have seen the evidence of hatred & violence done in the name of so called peaceful religions.

    Never had a need for a cock ring… I have seen them on other guys and I like the look.
    But I am getting a little older so I might look into getting one.
    As for my balls… they are not sensitive at all… Same goes for my nipples.

    I love Dave White’s writing!!

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