[Episode – 005]

Podcasters: Brian, Dave, Jp, Justin

  • Vito’s Report from the Road
  • Neti Pots and nasal irrigation
  • More iPhone Geekery
  • Justin’s Weekend Recap
  • Dave’s Protest March Memories
  • JP’s Weekend Slothfulness
  • Brian’s Weekend with Woofs
  • Bear Bingo
  • Your Presence on the Internet
  • Kiss and Tell ?
  • Even More iPhone Geekery
  • Tugs!

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One thought on “[Episode – 005]”

  1. I’ve been meaning to get a neti pot…

    As big an Apple fan that I am; I still don’t have an iPhone…

    I missed the No on 8 march in Sacramento… 

    Newton!?! Speaking of Apple products…

    Yea! Wanda Sikes came out! She always makes me laugh!!

    I did watch those episodes of Top Chef with Richard… And Team Rainbow… lol

    Drag Bingo can be fun… If you have enough drinks… lol

    Work is the only place I’m worried about exposing myself online.

    Flicker is always fun…
    But I just added Piknic to my account so I can edit my photos on-line too

    What’s an App??
    J/K LOL

    Gary Newman (& the Tubeway Army) was a big hit in Europe, but not so much in the states… ‘Cars’ of course and then ‘Down in the Park’ was the other hit I think.

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