[Episode – 113] Special Guest: Eli

Podcasters: Dave, Jp, Justin
Guests: Eli

  • Mr San Diego Eagle
  • Transgendered and in Jail
  • Treats from Canada
  • Amazon.com and Kindle
  • Square
  • Bear websites – do you still use them?
  • Tugs!

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3 thoughts on “[Episode – 113] Special Guest: Eli”

  1. Nothing to do with the podcast really but figured I’d share it anyway (I’m now listening to this episode)… I just saw a picture of JP naked on Tumblr and I’m gonna be honest I got a rod on. Now my new favourite podcaster. *swoon*

  2. One thought about the transgender / surgery in jail … regardless of the morality of the situation, I’m betting a settlement was reached, as it would be cheaper to give the guy his surgery than to fight it in court. Some of these court cases can run the state $300 – 500K as it goes through appeals, while a boobjob is far less than $50K.

    On a lighter note, the state of Maryland has paid for the surgery for many years. In John Waters’ film “Pink Flamingos”, the (pre-op) trans flasher in the park is seen post-op in “Female Trouble” as Divine’s prison girlfriend.

    Keep up the good work,

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