3 thoughts on “[Episode – 117]”

  1. Hey Guys!!

    Wanted to say thank you very much for the special tribute you gave our friend Kyle Nichol back in November. Known as Kyle #2 (we have quiet a few people name Kyle in our Bear Community ) , he was a good guy with a warm, loving spirit.

    We were all shaken to hear of his passing back in November. Many of us made the trek to Aurora, Ontario, where he was laid to rest, to say our last good byes and as a show of support for his family. In the end they know that Kyle was truly loved.

    Although he is gone, we all know that he is in a better place. We will see him again.

    Thanks again for the special shout out.

    Hugs & Tugs

    Don C.
    Toronto, Canada

    Ps. Brian you never finished our game on Hero’s Academy :) Boo

    *hugs* No Worries


    1. Wow! Been a while since I have logged into our site been dealing with the Facebook page mainly. Sorry about that.

      I was really saddened by his sudden departure. He seemed like a really sweet, caring guy and I am sad I did not get to know him more. He seemed to have touched a lot of people’s lives.

      Hugs and Tugs,


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